Dr. Regenold GmbH, our joint-venture, has developed the network to provide help to clients in over 90 countries. The network members and partners are carefully selected and reviewed on a continuous basis. In addition, the network has linked with several individuals and partner organisations to provide expertise in specific topics.

regulanet® - The International Network

The regulanet® network is represented in over 90 countries worldwide, and consists of joint venture and B2B regulatory expert partners.

Over the years, the services offered by the members and partners of the network have expanded to include all facets of development, regulation, and market access.

regulanet® members provide clients with local representation, act as the point of contact for the network and thereby have access to regulatory experts throughout the world. Members are therefore experts in both the regulatory requirements of their country and in managing complex cross-border projects.

Joint Venture Partner

We have a joint venture with Dr. Regenold GmbH, also specialized in development, regulatory and market access. Founded in 1994 and based in Germany, they have helped many clients progress their product developments, by providing scientific and regulatory advice, through to gaining regulatory approval and marketing authorization both nationally and internationally. Dr. Regenold GmbH is also the founder and manager of the network regulanet®.

B2B Expert Partners

regulanet® was founded as an international regulatory network, but over the years has grown to include several B2B partners, which has significantly increased the range of our services.

Our B2B partners include:

  • Contract research organizations
  • International contract developers and manufacturing companies
  • Analytical experts and laboratories
  • Pre-clinical and clinical investigational units and sites
  • Bioanalysis, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic modeling experts and laboratories
  • Market access experts
  • Patient adherence experts

These relationships allow us to collaborate with experts who complement our core services.

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We are proud to have at our disposal a wide range of qualified staff, experts, working parties, continuous training and state-of-the–art software tools to respond to any regulatory or operational need of our clients. However, this added value does not result in an offer of services at uncompetitive prices. Instead, we have a cost-effective pricing structure because we care about keeping operating costs low so we can provide quality services at competitive prices.

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